Terms and Conditions

We are so glad you are ordering your coffee and coffee related products from us!

A few things to know (Our Terms and Conditions):

– We are a food product, so all sales on coffee are final.

– For everything else, all sales are final, but we’ll exchange or replace as explained below:

– If we somehow deliver or ship you the wrong origin (hey, we’re a human run company) let us know within 10 days and we’ll make it right.

– If you order coffee that is shipped, and it arrives damaged, please let us know within 10 days of receipt so we can replace it for you. This hasn’t ever happened to us yet- but it could.

– Same for candles, wax melts, mugs, tumblers, and any other coffee related thing we sell. 10 days.


– If you are a subscriber of our Origin of the Month- THANK YOU! We love that you allow us to bring you an exotic new origin every month.

– We will aim to ship all subscription orders by the 4th of the Month. We can’t control the shipping company- but we will let them know that this box is much more important to your daily mindset and attitude than any other subscription box you may belong to.

– If you pay monthly, your card will be billed monthly- until you cancel or until the term expires at 3,6, or 12 months

– if you pay quarterly or annually, same thing.

– If there is a mistake (which also happens when humans and machines run companies together) we will make it right.

– If you don’t get your shipment- let us know right away. We have to give the hard-working shipping companies a week or so, but after then, we’ll track them down, and replace your box.

– Please stay for the entire length of your subscription, and don’t claim fraud or refunds or chargebacks once you’ve received your coffee. It’s not a good customer look.

Refusing Service

– We reserve the right to cancel subscriptions or refuse service if you treat us badly or don’t pay your bill. We’ve not had to do that to anyone yet, and don’t expect to since our customers are awesome, but we have to reserve the right since one of the company owners is also a lawyer…

Thanks so much for letting us be part of your coffee story.