Nicaragua SHG Diamante. 

This Nicaragua SHB Diamante coffee is a Catuai varietal, grown at 3600 to 4590 feet above sea level, fully washed and patio dried.  This coffee bean is grown by a group of 103 small specialty coffee farmers.  These farmers belong to the Aribagos Finos Cooperative.  Each of these farmers works between 12 and 24 acres of farmland. You’ll find these farms in the Nicaraguan towns of Dipito, San Juan del Rio Coco, and Jalapa.  

Diamante means diamond in Spanish. These farmers chose to name this coffee diamond. One of them proudly states that to have a diamante, you must polish it many times to convert that rock into a precious jewel. To them, this symbolizes the hard work, determination and challenges these producers had to overcome to get to where they are today. Among specialty coffees, this Diamante is stellar. Super smooth with a great body and average sweetness. Some of you may get notes of Almond, Red Apple, and Dark Chocolate.

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