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Every month we have a new Origin to try and taste together!

Our 3oz sample bag of the Origin of the Month is perfect to give our new origin a try, before you commit 😉

Our Origin of the Month coffees are mazing for your specialty coffee treat, particularly if you like to have something different in your cup. Sometimes we forget that coffee is an agricultural product because, well, we can buy it year-round.

But our Origin of the Month coffees are from a single origin and harvest, so no two roasted origins taste the same. We purchase a limited amount of the harvest crop that's described in the Origin of the Month page. Sometimes we can only get 300 pounds!

These coffees have great cup scores, amazing back stories, and are delicious. We haven't had a "bad" coffee bean yet! We source these beans from our specialty suppliers, who have contracts with small farmers and collectives around the world.

We roast to medium or medium-dark, depending on the origin, varietal, and flavor notes. Visit our website page above to see where we've brought coffees in from and get ready to see where we go next!

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