Colombia Huila Oparapa



Note: Apple, Honey, Citrus, Pear


This coffee was grown by Rossembert Parra, at an elevation of around 6000 feet above sea level. This farm, in the Huila region, is renowned for its specialty coffee. This coffee is medium bodied and full-flavored. It achieved a cup score of 88.25 (remember that only 1% of the coffee in the world earns a cup score of 90 or higher). A cup score of 88.25 makes it the highest cup-scored coffee we have brought to you yet. With a cup score this high, it is definitely a premium origin. Those of us with more discerning palates may catch flavor notes of Apple, Honey, Citrus, and Pear.
The Huila region of Colombia consistently produces the highest quality, award winning, coffees that the coffee world waits for with great anticipation. High elevations, cooler temperatures, and volcanic soil, rich in nutrients, are the biggest reasons coffee grown in this region is consistently among the best of South America. Coffees from the Huila region are known for distinct cup profiles of bright acidity (a very good thing), sweetness and aromatics.
Photo credit: Perfect Daily Grind





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