This Guatemalan coffee was grown in one of Guatemala’s most famous departments for coffee. The soil in Antigua is rich, as it is surrounded by three volcanoes and the climate is perfect for coffee growing. Humidity here is generally low, sunlight is perfect, and cool nights allow the coffee to mature more slowly.

For hundreds of years, Guatemalan coffee farmers have transformed Guatemala into the fantastic coffee origin it is today. Guatemalan green coffee beans are celebrated by roasters and coffee drinkers alike. With its wide array of growing regions, Guatemalan coffees always offer a diverse range of outstanding flavor profiles.

This coffee was grown at Finca Filadelfia, a 1000-acre estate farm, 600 of those acres are dedicated to coffee cultivation. In total, farmers there grow Bourbon, Caturra, Catui, Villa Sarchi, Obata, Pacamara, Geisha, Laurina, Castillo, and Tabi varietals of coffee tree. This OOM contains Bourbon, Caturra, and Catui beans that together provide a well-rounded, chocolaty, nutty flavor profile. Some of you may also catch notes of citrus that seem to refresh the palate between sips.  

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