Honduras San Vicente El Canecho Microlot. I know, it’s a mouthful, but this coffee is special.

It was grown on the El Canecho farm in the village of Las Flores, Santa Barbara, Honduras. It’s a microlot because the farmers, Nelson Baide Sabilon (pictured below) and his wife Blanca Noemy Suate, own a 1.2 acre farm. To give you some perspective, our property is 3.8 acres.

Nelson and Blanca own about 200 or so trees. Each tree produces about 5 pounds of beans a year. They harvest a little more than 1,000 pounds of beans and Convoy Road Coffee Roasters has 300 pounds of it. These 200 trees consist of Pacas, Bourbon, and Parainema varietals.


This is a slightly bold coffee, very smooth with a bright finish. We are sure you will love it.  

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