Laos Naga Typica. This coffee is an Arabica coffee grown in Paksong, considered the coffee capital of Laos; in the Champasak region of the Boloven Plateau.  Although the mythical creature, the “Naga,” appears in many cultures and traditions, it is particularly prevalent in Laos and Thailand, where it is known as the “Phaya Naga,” Lord of the Naga, and is believed to live in the Mekong river. This coffee is sourced and imported through our specialty supplier Covoya.

Tradition holds that fireballs seen shooting over the world’s 12th longest river at the end of Buddhist Lent, known as Mekong Lights or Naga Fireballs, come from the mouths of Naga. Covoya’s Laos Naga coffee is named for this mythical creature, believed to be the protector of Laos, and in our minds, the protector of this emerging specialty coffee origin. Laos Naga comes from a variety of farms and a variety of people, but they have in common a pursuit of quality as defined by the specialty coffee industry.

The grower’s goal was to achieve a Sumatran like flavor. The coffee plants these beans come from are of the Typica variety.

In my opinion, the growers achieved their goal and the result is a very smooth, kind of old-fashioned, great cup of coffee that will leave you highly satisfied.

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