Sumatra Mandheling G1

Sumatran coffee is some of the best in the world. It is full-bodied, low-acid, smooth, earthy, and has a syrupy flavor. You might catch inklings of sweet cocoa.

These beans were wet-hull processed (the locals call it giling basah). Workers skin the cherries right after they are picked and leave them to dry and ferment for about 24 hours. The workers then wash the beans, but only dry them partially. Sumatra’s climate, sitting right on the equator, makes it difficult to dry the beans all the way. The beans are then shipped to a warehouse or supplier where they are dried fully. This process results in the beans have a higher moisture content and the noticeable earthy flavor.

Most coffee beans are named after the region they were grown in; Ethiopia Guji, Rwanda Maboro, India AA Girijan, for example. Not this one though. The Mandheling beans are named for the Mandailing people who were the original farmers in the region back in the early 19th Century.

The tropical climate in Sumatra is perfect for growing coffee. The high elevations and misty conditions provide for some of the best coffees you will ever taste.

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