Tanzania AB Iganda

The Origin of the Month for January 2024 is Tanzania AB Iganda. This coffee was grown in the Mobzi district in the Songwe region of Tanzania by various smallholder farmers (less than 5 acres). This region is in Southwest Tanzania north of Lake Malawi and south of Lake Rukwa. The farmers are members of the Iganda Group, a section of the AMCOS Coffee Cooperative. These farmers grow Bourbon (burr-bone in the coffee world) and Kent varietals of coffee trees.

This coffee was processed using the washed process. In the washed process, all of the fruit flesh is removed from the coffee bean before the beans are dried. After the fruit flesh is removed, workers put the beans in a tank of water, where, over time fermentation removes whatever fruit flesh may still be present. Fermentation is tricky. If the beans are fermented too long, it will negatively affect the taste. These beans were fermented just the right amount of time, as you will see when you taste them. After fermentation, workers wash the beans in clean water and then lay them out in raised beds to dry.

This coffee is rich in flavor with a very nice body and mouthfeel. It has a touch of nuttiness and is slightly sweet. The sweetness is well-balanced, and you may find flavor notes of toffee, milk chocolate, and orange. We really like this coffee, and we believe you will too. It just might be your new favorite.

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