What is specialty Coffee?

Specialty coffee is very different from commodity coffee. The Specialty Coffee Association uses a grading methodology to grade coffees. Graders consider defects in the beans, sweetness, acidity, balance, flavor, and mouthfeel and assign a numerical grade in each category.

Our coffees start with a cup score of 84.

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The coffees scoring between 80 and 100 are specialty coffees.

Better Processing

Specialty coffees use many different processing methods. Our chosen coffees are high quality, great tasting coffee, but the complexity of flavors, sweetness, acidity, and body can also be different.

Hand Picked

Specialty coffee is typically handpicked by a person, not a machine. The pickers pick only the ripest cherries.

Exotic Origins

Specialty coffee drinkers find joy in the complex flavors of specialty coffee and can taste the difference in quality. They also like the experience of tasting coffee from different origins around the world.

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