Columbia Tolima Finca San Sebastion

Notes: milk chocolate, cherry, brown sugar, and walnut

This coffee was grown in the Tolima Department of Colombia by a farmer named Miller Gutierrez. Finca (farm) San Sebastian sits at an elevation of approximately 5900 feet above sea level. Mr. Gutierrez has been growing coffee on his farm for 27 years. He farms the land with help from his wife and three kids. Mr. Gutierrez is a firm believer that coffee is the way to a better life for him and his family. He also implements farming practices that conserve natural resources and preserves an adjoining protected forest.


Boy, this is a good one, folks. Super smooth with a nice even body that is slightly sweet, creamy, and very flavorful. In our opinion it could be considered the classic Colombian coffee. Those whom have more refined palates may catch flavor notes of milk chocolate, cherry, brown sugar, and walnut; a perfect combination.
Photo Credit: Royal New York



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