Tour of the Americas 2023

Our regional gift box includes amazing coffees we brought to you as previous origins of the month and origins of the quarter.

The coffee growing region across the Americas range from Southern Mexico to Northern Paraguay near the border with Brazil. As a region, these coffees often have a light to medium body often with notes of chocolate and fruits and may be a bit sweet.  Our collection of coffees from the Americas 2023 are all specialty collections from micro lots, small farms, and farmer collectives. 

Enjoy a collection of freshly roasted coffees from Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Columbia, and Peru!  See the origin details for each coffee below.

Mexico HG Oaxaca

Costa Rica La Alianza Madre Tierra

Honduras El Canecho (Micro Lot)

Columbia Huila Oparapa(Premium Origin)

Peru HB Chanchamayo

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